• Crazy about your heart ?Cashews have a lower fat content.
  • Cashews are Anti OxidentCashews are ripe with proanthocyanidins.
  • Bone Up andRich with Calcium and Magnesium.
  • Eating cashews lowerscashews are rich with full of copper content.
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Cashew nuts are a popular snack and food source. Cashews, unlike other oily tree nuts, contain starch to about 10% of their weight. This makes them more effective than other nuts in thickening water-based dishes such as soups and some Indian milk-based desserts. Many southeast Asian and south Asian cuisines use cashews for this unusual characteristic, rather than other nuts.

Cashew nuts are commonly used in Indian cuisine, whole for garnishing sweets or curries, or ground into a paste that forms a base of sauces for curries (e.g. korma), or some sweets (e.g. kaju barfi). It is also used in powdered form in the preparation of several Indian sweets and desserts. In Goan cuisine, both roasted and raw kernels are used whole for making curries and sweets.

We offer Cashew kernels duly processed by steaming, shelling, drying, peeling, grading and final quality inspection. We can offer roasted cashew kernel also.

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